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Kallie Dixon is a New Mexico Attorney who blends legal representation and sound litigation strategies with a powerful courtroom presence. In addition, she takes personal, compassionate approach to working with every client. As a result, clients of Kallie Dixon Law, achieve legal outcomes that protect their rights and help them realize their goals.

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Ms. Dixon is particularly adept at handling medical malpractice and professional licensure cases because she has nearly a decade of experience working as a licensed practical nurse in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. She understands the work environments, systems, and challenges medical professionals face every day and uses that knowledge to successfully litigate professional licensure and medical malpractice cases. She continues to hold her nursing license so she’s up-to-date on the medical industry.

If you’re in New Mexico and need legal advice on a professional licensure, personal injury, business law, or criminal defense case, call Kallie Dixon (505) 242-8000.