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10th Jul 2012

Professional Licensing Attorney

professional licensing law pictureIf you’re a doctor, nurse, teacher, or any other licensed professional, you’re required to carry a license to work in your field – it’s the foundation of your career. But when your ability to carry that license is questioned by an employer or professional governing body, it’s not just your license at stake – it’s your livelihood.

Complaints, disciplinary action, or allegations of misconduct by your professional licensing board can be devastating personally and professionally. That’s why you need immediate, aggressive legal representation if your license is in jeopardy. Before you talk to board representatives, retain a skilled Albuquerque, New Mexico professional licensing attorney to assist you. Call New Mexico professional licensure lawyer Kallie Dixon for an initial consultation.

– Experienced – Ms. Dixon has years of experience handling a wide range of legal cases including professional licensure cases in New Mexico.

– Knowledgeable – Deep experience and a valuable perspective inform Ms. Dixon’s professional licensure practice. She holds a nursing license and has years of nursing experience, so she’s familiar with the challenges, pressures, and complex systems nurses face every day. She also understands how professional licensing boards work and knows they can become adversarial to professionals facing disciplinary action.

– Personal – Ms. Dixon handles every case herself to ensure that all of her clients get personalized attention.

albuquerque licensing attorney pictureMs. Dixon represents a range of licensed professionals including:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Architects
  • Engineers

If the Board of Nursing is taking disciplinary action against you, click here and read this.

If your professional license is on the line, call
Albuquerque, New Mexico professional licensing attorney
Kallie Dixon at 505-242-8000.

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